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Company Profile   Anadolu Kuzine has been working for gourmets since 1956. In our rapidly developing country, people do not eat just to eat their fill. Our eating habits are changing and Anadolu Kuzine, which is pioneer of all these changes, knows that a master cook is not sufficient for a good meal. A good meal passes from a good kitchen that has been designed by analysing it in the smallest detail.
Anadolu Kuzine which has been acting with this philosophy for years is today providing to its customers more than 500 products including cooking, cooling, preparation, service and dishes equipment. Anadolu Kuzine, which realizes turnkey solutions for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, pastry-shops, bars and similar spaces, adds sprite to kitchens. Anadolu Kuzine, which empasises aesthetics of its products in addition to their functionality, creates different designs for different spaces.
Anadolu Kuzine who continues its activities in its 5000 m2 factory in Ankara Organized Industry Zone, is successful both in home and abroad with its experienced personnel, experience, painstaking work. Anadolu Kuzine today exports to 11 countries and provides the same level of its manufacture quality for also its service, maintenance, installation and warranty activities