Our Group

Thefaf Al Rafidain Group for General Contracts is a prominent, deep-rooted, dynamic and reliable company, performs and meets today's challenging in the fields of infrastructure, health, education, water and wastewater.

History Highlights: In the early 1990s, several projects had been conducted and supervised by Mr. Nathem Moloki Abboud at the national level of the Republic of Iraq.

Ultimately, the year 1998 was a witness of the birth of THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN in Hay Al Motnabi, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq. A place named after one of the most famous Arab poets, where the Mesopotamia and Babylon architecture was flourished and their heritage dramatically met.

Now, THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN GROUP FOR GENERAL CONTRACTS is proud of many projects in the fields of construction and infrastructures, which had been effectively carried out, as a main contribution in the Rebuilding of Iraq.

Our Group consists of the following sister companies:

  1. THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN for General Contracts.

  2. THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN for Mechanical and Electrical works.

  3. THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN for Engineering Consulting and Designing. 

  4. THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN for Asphalt.

 Solving many of the Iraqi’s most daunting logistical, constructional and engineering challenges, steers our aspiration towards the future, not only to maintain our pioneer position in the Iraqi market, but also to extend our business to the neighboring countries.

We design, engineer, construct, operate and manage civil infrastructure projects ranging from, rail, highway, and water and wastewater facilities.

Drawing on well-established project management systems and a wealth of experience in project controls, we can manage whole or sub-projects for infrastructure and transportation by using our equipment as Concrete Trams mixers and pumps, Graders, Bulldozers, and Excavators.

In fact, THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN GROUP FOR GENERAL CONTRACTS has main contributions in the following fields:


Iraq , Baghdad , Al Mutanaby District , Al Mansour

Telefax: (+964) 1 5413810

Mobile : +964 - 07901 793548 / +964 -- 07701 324062



Our vision

Building the Future

This vision is to be the Iraqi's top-performing engineering and construction, company holding leading positions in high-growth regional markets.

THEFAF AL RAFIDAIN is a place where International companies are warmly welcomed, to play a crucial roles in our prosperous future, on scientific bases and implementations.



Our Mission

Developing profitable new business and execute with best-in-class performance by firmly managing quality, cost, schedule, and safety to achieve the Operational Excellence for Building the Future.


  1. MOSUL

    • Al-Arbid villages water treatment project

    • Yarimja – MOSUL ( high tension voltage project )

    • Wanna piping for water treatment project


    • Serglu waist water project


    • Shirin dams project

    • KIRKUK domez bridge

    • Al-Haweejeh irrigation project


    • Railway Bijy – MOSUL project

    • Balad clinic center

  5. DYALA

    • Buildings of university


    • schoosl buildings

    • Al-Saidaih clinic center

  7. AL-ANBAR 

    • Pavement (point of entry of Al-Waleed )

    • 5 compact units for water treatment

    • renovation of electrical networks “ FALLUJA”


    • Teachers houses of BAbil university

    • Al-KAFIL Hospital

  9. NAJAF

    • Warehouse of Al-NAJAF Refinery

    •  Al-Haidary Hospital


    • Pipelines for waste water project


    • waste water compact unit plant

  12. BASRA

    • Veterinary building

  13. MESSAN

    • Renovation of marshes


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