Name of the company: (77_company group)

The company is composed of the following companies:

1.      the 77 group company for general constructing contracts .

2.      the 77 group company for general trading Ltd.

3.      the 77 group company for construction industries.

4.      the 77 group company for engineering and engineering advisory.

5.      the 77 group company for general investment .

6.      the 77 group company for tourism and travel.

7.      the 77 group company for digging foundations in Emirates.

8.      the 77 group company for trading agencies.

9.      the 77 group company for security and private protection .


the 77-Group company is an Iraqi company and it was registered in Erbil in 1994  and it was formally registered in both the Central government in Baghdad and Kurdistan Region after the completion of the formal measures and ordinary approvals in (2001).

It was listed as an excellent first-class company among the companies and as the first five companies in Iraq-our contracts with the American army amounted to one billion and a quarter billion of American dollars and it has 20 branches in Iraq it's actual capacities are between 300 to 330 million American dollars in the form of properties such as land machinery, equipment, vehicles ..Etc. it has, also, branches abroad such as the 77company in Dubai in the emirates, turkey and Turkmenistan. It is, also, about to open other branches in other countries of the world.

Through the previous years it almost implemented all the contracts that it made with the governmental and non-governmental sides according the specifications and provisions with the second sides upon detailed agreements. It, also, collaborated in implementing vital and major projects with the central government and Kurdistan regional government in the fields of designing and constructing bridges, overpasses and tunnels on the highways and internal streets and collaborated with the government for finding appropriate solutions to be able to contain the quick developments which are ongoing in the fields of traffic and construction work.

The number of our staff is between 3500 to 4000 employees as engineers, technicians and administrators and managers. There are between 1000 and 1200 persons working with the company without contracts such as company managers, rental companies which tent tracks and tenting machinery and equipment on daily, monthly or yearly basis.


             Besides our company's caring for good and high quality of its work, it is also concerned with its administrative and technical staff's health and well-being.

It, furthermore, strives to improve their scientific and practical and official sites and secures its staff health and psychological conditions by opening stable clinics and providing mobile clinics with the needed facilities and drugs.

It pays for all the needed expenses for treating its staff, compensating them fairly and ensuring workshop safety for workers. The company is , also , concerned with improving its staff's practical proficiency by starting field training centers , sending its staff on missions outside Iraq and outside the region for training by peering and field visits to counterpart companies and sites and projects which our company is planning to implement in the area.



Company's general relations and its membership


                  The 77 group companies have been registered in many countries, syndicates as well as inter national and local societies. It has branches in turkey and Russia besides its branches in some governorates of Iraq. The following are some of the syndicates, unions .etc. in which our company had been registered: 

1.      Iraqi businessmen's union.

2.      Baghdad chamber of commerce.

3.      Erbil chamber of commerce.

4.      Kurdistan contractors' union, Erbil.

5.      The Iraqi- American trade and industry, Baghdad.

6.      Commerce and industry chamber of commerce (Asiad).

7.      The Iraqi-Irish chamber of commerce, Jordan.


Our company considers its participations in the local , regional and universal forums and activities as highly important not as a media activity but we consider them as main requisites for boosting our company's scientific and practical level in all the aspects of its work and to be acquainted with all the latest developments that the region witnesses. As an example to prove this, our company participated in all the conferences which were held in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, south Korea and turkey under the motto of the reconstruction THE RECONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING IRAQ.





                    The company was named company groups for its various fields, tasks and specializations which are managed and implemented by the company as all the following six activities mentioned below are implemented by it:


1.      The 77 group company for general contracts:

the most important fields of its work are the general contracts as the company collaborated and participated actively in the reconstruction of Iraq and building up its infra structure by implementing many projects such as constructing bridges, paving streets, sewerage systems, (concrete boxes and pipes), providing ready mixed concrete as well as executing contracts and projects; rehabilitation of the building and projects which were damaged due to the war and toppling the past regime.


The company has, also, a number field laboratories for producing and providing ready mixed concrete and transferring it to the sites where it is needed; producing ready concrete blocks; beams and lentils for the bridges and Passovers and for constructing bridges and warehouses and various projects; security barriers (security fenders). We have expertise in this regard.


The company has field laboratories in all the sites and laboratories in all the factories with the most modern equipment and devises for testing building materials. We have a specialized staff and engineers of various experiences.



The following are some of the projects which were executed by our company:

a.       Constructing Akram Mantik Bridge and tunnels.

b.      Constructing Solav Bridge and tunnels, Dohuk.

c.       Constructing reception building in Erbil airport.

d.      Constructing Bastora Bridge, Erbil salahadeen highway (Kurdistan Region Government).

e.       Constructing Shorish overpass, Erbil city center, (Kurdistanl Region Government).

f.        Constructing Fransso Mitran overpass, Eerbil center (Kurdistan Region Government).

g.       Constructing Martyr Akram Mantik Tunnel and overpass. Intersection of Salahadeen (za'eem) - Fransso Hareeri (sports stadium) under construction in Erbil city centre (Kurdistan Region Government).

h.       Reconstructing Khazir- Mosul Bridge, Erbil Mosul highway (the bridge was damaged during the war and the toppling of the past regime (American Baktil Company).

i.         Reconstructing Tikreet Bridge which was damaged during the war and the toppling of the past regime (Baktil Company).

j.        Reconstructing Beijee Bridge which was damaged during the war and the toppling of the past regime (The American Army).

k.      Producing concrete blocks for ready-built buildings:


                            i.            Concrete boxes for wastewater and sewage with lids of three sizes.

                            ii.            Water boxes for sewage with five sizes.

                            iii.            Ready-made piles.

                            iv.            Roof lentils and beans with three various sizes.


l.         Producing concrete barrier blocks ( security Fenders . they are of thirteen various kinds for the American Army; Iraqi Government ; the Kurdistan Region, the foreign and local companies ; Embassies and hotels; they are a collection of various types and as follows:


                                                                         i.                  T-shaped walls of (five sizes).

                                                                         ii.                  Newjersy (seven sizes).

                                                                         iii.                  Alaska (three sizes).

                                                                        iv.                  Texas (two sizes).

                                                                        v.                  Nibraska.

                                                                       vi.                  Personnel refuges (three types).

                                                                       vii.                  Sentry boxes (two types).

                                                                       viii.                  Concrete platforms (three types).

                                                                       ix.                  Basis for planting flowers and also used as security fenders.

                                                                       x.                  Sentry boxes (three types).




               Ready-mixed concrete for building and casting was supplied to many projects that were executed in Kirkuk and Erbil Government during the last two years directly or by companies, and other contractors. There are also recently many projects that are supplied with ready concrete and the company has concrete factories in the following governorates and towns:

1)      Erbil Governorate Factories

a.       Erbil / Erbil Centre / South Erbil.

b.      Erbil / Bahirka Road / North Erbil.

c.       Erbil / Koysinjaq Road / East Erbil.

d.      Erbil / Ifraz / West Erbil.

e.       Erbil / Shaqlawa Entryway / North Erbil.

f.        Erbil / Factories of producing concrete electric poles / Bahirka Road / North Erbil.

2)      Kirku Governorate / Sina' Factories / City Centre.

3)      Kirku Governorate / Airport Factories / Kirkuk.

4)      Tikreet Governorte / Airport Factories / Tikreet.

5)      Tikreet Governorate / Al-Qassr Factories.

6)      Baghdad / Airport Factories / Abu Ghreib.

7)      Baghdad / Factories of Al- Balad Town (tow factoriles).

8)      Al-Anbar Governorate / Al-Anbar.

9)      Al-Anbar Governorate / Al- Asad.


2.     The 77group of company for general trading

One of the tasks that our company carries is General Trading both internally or externally such as offering its services to the state companies, offices, and private sector such as:

                                i.            Providing various sectors with fuel.

                              ii.            Providing offices with stable instrument and requirements: office requirements and stationary.

                               iii.            Providing various communication devices both wireless and with wires.

                               iv.            Providing food and drink, mineral water both bottled and / or fresh.

                               v.            Providing the following building materials:

a.      Cement (un sacked and sacked).

b.      Iron (for construction and reinforcement).

c.       Chemical products for treating concrete.

d.      Sanitary materials (metal- p.v.c.-Earthware).

e.      Ceramic.

f.        Pipes (metal p.v.c.).

g.      Paints.

h.      Doors (metal- p.v.c. wooden special).

i.        Air conditioning system (central side).

j.        Fire extinguishing system.

k.      Electrics (single-large hall low tension).

l.        Caravans (single-large hall traffic police caravans).

m.    House supplies (furniture- used up materials).





3.      The 77 group company for Engineering Designs:       

Among the fields that the concerns the company is the designing in particular the projects which are directly executed by our company. In this regard, we carry out consultations with our company outside the region and we send our company's staff abroad to attend courses and gain experience. The designers' role will not end when the design is made, as they follow up work from the very start to the end of the work (control stage) then delivering the project to the employer.


    4.      The 77 group company for security and protection:

The field of the 77 group company for security and protection is to secure private protection and in particular and for the group in general due to the deteriorated security situations in Iraq. The company has 15 security squads who are well-trained, courageous and well-experienced men in the field of security and protection. Each squad is consisted of six persons and they are equipped all the requirements of protection such as various weapons, ammunition and vehicles. They are licensed by the central government and Kurdistan regional government. They escort trucks carrying personnel, staff and from one town to another. They protect the group engineering, technical and administrative staff in their office centers and work fields. The number of the squad is increased or decreased according to the need of the company.


5.     The 77 group company for commercial agencies:

The field of work of the 77group company for commercial agencies is to get agencies for the international companies and opening its branches in Iraq. The company has a group of companies which are 23 American and Turkish companies.

It is intending to get agencies for dome more companies and opening its agencies in Iraq, in general, and the Kurdistan region in particular.


6.     The 77 group company for Tourism and travel:

The field work of the 77 group company is touristic investments, arranging weekly and seasonal journeys from Iraq to the world states:

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran and Turkey :

        Organizing internal trios to the holy shrines inside and outside Iraq.

        Organizing exploratory trips to the archeological sites.

        Offering touristical investment consultation by expertises in this field.

        We have more than local and international employees in the group and most of our staff are technicians who work in the 77 general company for contracts Ltd.

        In Iraq we have sub office in Baghdad, Kirkuk , Tikreet and Baghdad office, we have about 60 employees, technicians and administrators with high qualifications and experience and in Kirkuk the number of staff is 150 with technicians and administrators, too and in various activities.


             It is worth mentioning that the company which go contracts during the last year for about one billion and a quarter billion of U.S. Dollars with the American Army, state offices and local international companies.



To contact us:

Erbil Shaqlawa Road Opposite Vestal Company

Tel: 2500077 & 2510077

Thuraiya: 008821667700077 & 008821667700051/ /


Collaborators in the company and administrative posts:

1.      Suleyman Ciliv , General Manager


2.Yasar Kopan, D. General  Manager



3.Hersh  Al-Tayyar, Administrator and General Relations



      Head of Iraqi Businessmen Union - KRG