Welcome To Gulf Insulating Material Company


Welcome to Gulf Insulating Materiales Company

Gulf Insulating Material Co. is one of the leading corporations in Iraq and the region. Our main objectives are installation and providing different types of packing boxes – Isofoam products– for the trade and industrial sector

Gulf Insulating Material Co is exceeding its role to develop new combined solutions and futuristic projects for further aiming of increase in productivity and raise in performance and activity of all the production elements.

We represent our services to three important sectors of the Iraqi economy

Agricultural sector

We provide agricultural stowing boxes in different volumes and sizes, and affordable prices to help farmers and tradesman to keep their products.

Constructional sector

We provide thermal insulating devices (straibor boarding) for buildings, constructional works, caravans, cooling rooms, and grounds in order to save the cost of power and to provide suitable dwelt. These experiences proved that using straibor (sofoam) in thermal insulation saves 20% from the installation of the heating equipments’ costs, and 30-40% from the power costs.

Straibors are also used for producing the décor materials and inner designing of showrooms, theatres, studios and etc.

Industrial sector

The company presents many solutions for the industrial sector by providing binding boxes for breakable products, such as:

  • Binding the electrical devices: televisions, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and etc.
  • Binding glassiness tools: cups, plates, antiques and etc.

Gulf Insulating Material Co is keen on providing its customers’ requirements from the straibor products (sofoam) with the highest quality, quickness, and best prices. We are directing all the resources and the activities

About Us



Gulf Insulating Material Co. was established in 1970 with its registered mark Isofoam. We are considered as the first company in Iraq and the Middle East in our field. We mainly focus on the markets’ requirements of the insulating boards providing industrial insulations, sandwich panels, keeping boxes, sub-mansards, binding boxes, décor works, and sponges. The production and manufacturing

operations are completed by using modern equipments and devices in order to insure high quality in manufacturing and installing which is done under the supervision of a qualified administrative and technical staff.

In the years of our working period, we have received many appreciation and thanking certifications and rewards in different local and international occasions. These awards include bronze medals in Baghdad International Fair in 2002, Amman International Fair and Turkey International Fair



Isofoam thermally insulating incisors


The isofoam incisors are used for the thermally and vocally insulating purposes and in construction and flattening works. They are also used in insulated incisors between the concrete blocks.


  1. High ability to insulate the heat and sound
  2. Decreasing of constructional loads
  3. Saving in power
  4. Economizing in the basic cost



The isofoam blocks are made in different densities ranged between 12 kgm/cubic meters – 35 kgm/cubic meters


  • Small cast (200 × 100 × 50) cm
  • Medium cast (200 × 120 × 50) cm
  • Large cast (240 × 120 × 50) cm
  • Extra large cast (250 × 120 × 60) cm

But we have the ability of cutting the blocks according to the required measures and alienations

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Sandwich panels

Our company is looking for convoying the scientific development in manufacturing and constructing of the isolated and turnkey panels, since these panels are the ideal and interdependent facility in most of the engineering projects and applications.

These panels are made from the stribor according to the required densities and they are covered with boiled plates that are coated thermally with (0.5) mm of thickness. These panels also have high resistance and durability.


Sandwich panel is used in manufacturing the walls of caravans and inner incisors and in the manufacturing of ceilings for large and small workshops. Additionally, they are used in manufacturing cooling storages with different thickness ranged between 5 cm- 25 cm, a fixed width of 120cm, and with the required lengths.

  • Benefits

    1. Accuracy and high durability in design
    2. Low and economical cost
    3. Great saving in the thermal and vocal insulation
    4. Saving in power
    5. Beautiful shape and appearance


Cooling rooms

These rooms are composed of compressible foams and boiling plates that are thermally coated. The plates are combined together in order to form the required shape.


These rooms are used to keep the alimental, medical materials and other prerequisites that need low temperature up to -45 degree. The rooms are build in different sizes and shapes according to the customer's requirements.


These rooms are used to keep the alimental, medical materials and other prerequisites that need low temperature up to -45 degree. The rooms are build in different sizes and shapes according to the customer's requirements.


  • Foam density (40 - 45) kgm/cubic meter
  • Insulating plate thickness (100) mm
  • Plate thickness (0.5) cubic meter, thermally coated and with special specifications
  • Used for thermal insulating up to (-45) degree
  • Virtual age is 21 years
  • Camlook is the locking way
  • Doors used are either paralleled with the wall or aspectual
  • Iron temple is not needed


Binding materials


The binding materials that are made from straibor are used in binding different pipes keeping and insulating them thermally according to the required measurements. The produced materials are also utilized in binding and keeping electrical and glassiness devices



The stowing boxes of fruit and vegetables

The stowing boxes are made in different shapes and volumes suitable for maintaining all agricultural products including fruit, vegetables and etc. .


Packing boxes

These boxes are used for packing food and medical materials keeping them from abrasion through taking benefit of the thermal insulation (Isofoam).



  • Small volumes (31×24×23) cm
  • Medium volumes (32×42×36) cm
  • Large volumes (58×49×43) cm
  • Extra large volumes (77×49×43) cm



Décor works

The straibor is applied in décor and artistic shape works which are used in the advertisement, propaganda and different exhibits, and in the inner designing of showrooms, theatres and studios. We are composed of modern equipments to manufacture artistic and special required shapes and building arches. The work is done depending on the possible abilities.


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